About Us
The unique taste of our dishes is the inspiration of two sisters to whom we also owe the name – in Italian, sorella means sister. Inspired by the cuisines of the world, the vegetarian and the meat sister will take you on a journey through the flavours closed in packages.

The idea is to combine the passion for cooking of the brand’s heroines, the Sorella sisters, with a love for travel. The most valuable thing that can be brought are new dishes and recipes that allow you to recreate the tastes you have learned by travelling. Thanks to this, even such an ordinary meal as breakfast or lunch at work can turn into a moment of holiday relaxation. Delicious products are ready, so we have even more time to enjoy their taste without having to spend it on preparing dishes. The meals prepared by the Sorella sisters are a real feast of flavours available in just a few moments.

Vegetarian sister
The first of the sisters is Natalia, who loves collecting recipes of vegetarian cuisine, but her menu also includes entirely plant-based dishes. It is out of her passion for travel and cooking that Sorella’s vegetarian and vegan dishes were born, the flavours of which will take everyone on a delicious journey to various parts of the world.
Meat sister
Agnieszka is the second of the Sorella sisters who poured all her love to explore the world into delicious, traditional meat dishes from different continents. Only fresh ingredients, aromatic spices and slightly spicy notes – that’s what Agnieszka is, who created the delicious, filling and aromatic Sorella meat dishes.